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Twitter – “What’s all the fuss about?”

 Twitter, is a micro-blogging service.  It allows you to send short, 140 character “tweets” rather than typing an entire blog (as I am right now), You can “tweet” anything from getting coffee…to the days headline news.  When Twitter was launched, I am sure there were only a handful of people who all followed each other!  That soon became a hundred….then thousands.  In fact, in the early stages of Twitter (in my humble opinion) the entire Twitter following was probably no more than the number of followers that I have today! (1,685 as of this afternoon-in case you were wondering).


So, “What’s all the fuss about?” 


What I receive out of Twitter-and my Twitter followers (whom I just adore!) is an unexplainable pleasure of “tweeting” the news of the day, a business article I have found, “re-tweeting” a fantastic quote or link and sharing stories of my life.  Sometimes, my “tweets” are notions of nothing really important.


I hope that my followers appreciate my “tweets” as much as I appreciate theirs.  It’s amazing and incredible that there are so many followers I have – and most I have never met face to face!  If I learn something from someone each day – I am fulfilled.


I follow all kinds of peeps.  I follow social media and marketing leaders (marketing is my business, so I have this insatiable need to read, read, and read more on any marketing topic!).  I follow friends, to keep up with their daily coffee run, their frustration with work, their concern for “Twitter Addition” and their “run ins” with animal control.  Some younger, some older and each and every one I have learned from


My followers all have their own “tweet style”.  Some sit silently and read my tweets, some re-tweet my tweets if they have found it to be interesting, some send an @ reply or a DM saying – “Thank you so much!”, and of course, there is #followfriday when we can tweet out who we think that others should follow!    


I wonder, as I sit and type this:


  • “Are my followers enjoying me as much as I do them?”
  • “Are my followers learning something from me each day?”
  • “Have I put a smile on a follower face with a tweet today?”
  • “Has someone Laughed Out Loud (LOL) at any of my tweets?”
  • “Does anyone else ever think about this?”
  • “Does any of this really matter?”


The answer is YES!  If I had to choose the one thing that has made me a twitter-a-holic?  Well, it is my followers of course!  I am the lucky recipient of reading tweets of the “day in the life” of all those I follow!  I learn from you and thank you!

“… knowledge must continually be renewed by ceaseless effort, if it is not to be lost. It resembles a statue of marble which stands in the desert and is continually threatened with burial by the shifting sand. The hands of service must ever be at work, in order that the marble continue to lastingly shine in the sun. To these serving hands mine shall also belong.” (Albert Einstein)

To my Twitter family….I hope we never stop learning from one another.








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  1. Try as we might, we can’t be friends with everyone. Twitter provides us that tiny glance into the lives of strangers, allowing us to be friendly if not friends.

    This follower says YES, your tweets are always welcome and quite often elicit an LOL.

    Comment by Malcolm | April 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. I for one love your tweets and enjoy our interaction via Twitter. You are definitely one of the more refreshing twitizens in the Twitterverse. You get 2 thumbs up in my book.

    Steph – @Follow_Steph

    Comment by Steph Love | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] post written by Beth Frysztak (@bethfrysztak) was originally published at Beth’s Blog:  Network Your Life, on September 6th, 2009.  Beth is a cool twitterer, charasmatic leader, successful marketer […]

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